Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

Fifth Agent Orange Justice Tour

April 14–May 16, 2010

In cooperation with Speak Out!

Coming to Los Angeles, Washington State, Chicago, Cleveland, New York,
Washington DC, and other cities to be announced

  • Join Phạm Thế Minh and Nguyễn Thị Hiền, direct from Vietnam!
  • Hear their personal stories & learn about the legacy of Agent Orange!
  • Take action to heal the wounds of war and achieve justice for Agent Orange victims!

Wars do not end when the bombs stop falling and the fighting ceases. The devastation continues long after, ...

Today, millions of Vietnamese suffer the effects of chemical defoliants used by the United States during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange, which contains dioxin (one of the deadliest substances known to science), continues to cause death and sickness to millions of Vietnamese and many U.S. veterans.  

More than thirty years after the war, Agent Orange remains in areas of the land and water of Vietnam, causing horrific birth defects to several generations of children.

Now momentum is building to achieve justice for these victims of Agent Orange!

  • The 5th Agent Orange victim tour will focus national attention on grass roots and legislative efforts to achieve a comprehensive assistance to the victims in Vietnam and to the children and grandchildren of U.S. veterans exposed to Agent Orange as well as to Vietnamese Americans affected.

  • We will confront Dow Chemical at its Dow Live Earth Run for Water in cities across the country. Dow, along with Monsanto and 35 others, is a corporate manufacturer of Agent Orange which made huge profits from this chemical weapon and has refused to meet its responsibility to the victims. We will be there to say that Dow cannot try to sanitize its image by claiming it is for clean water when it’s dirty products continue to poison the water, soil and bodies of people in Vietnam, the U.S., and other places including South Korea, Canada and Bhopal India.

Pham The Minh Pham The Minh, whose parents were contaminated by Agent Orange in Quang Tri Province where the sprayings were most intensive, was born after the war with deformed lower limbs and other health problems.

Minh’s whole family – from his younger sister who suffers congenital heart and lung disease to his parents who were directly sprayed – has faced countless hardships because of their medical conditions.

Minh, now age 33, has emerged an important voice in the campaign for justice. This past May, 2009, he traveled to Paris where he testified at an International Tribunal in Support of Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange.

Nguyen Thi Hien Nguyen Thi Hien, a dyamic leader and Member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA) and President of the Danang Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin.

Danang is one of the sites of the hot spots where dioxin from Agent Orange remains in the water and soil, continuing to poison the land and people. VAVA is the only organization serving, representing and advocating for Vietnam’s Agent Orange victims. Formerly she was the Director of the Social Affairs Department of the Danang Red Cross.  


Press Kit

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