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Agent Orange issues and Consequences of war

United for Peace and Justice national mass action to "End the war in Iraq", September 24-26, 2005, Washington DC.

ars do not end when the bombs stop falling and the fighting ceases. The devastation continues long after, in the land and in the minds and bodies of the affected population...

Credit: Posters were designed by Tammy Phan and Mai Vu at Stanford University, printed in New York by Dawn Reel. Petition by Len Aldis. Brochures was written by Dr Nguyen Van Tuan, Tod Ensign, David Cline, Lincoln Van Sluytman, and Merle Ratner, designed by Liz Mestres of the Brecht Forum.

With the Agent Orange posters at the Veterans for Peace Exhibition tent.

Monuments to the over 1,900 American and countless Iraqis who lost their lives in Iraq.

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